HR Tech Partner

Advising, facilitates, implement, and leads your digital HR transformation, including project management of HRIS and payroll-related projects

Unbiased partner

Unbiased partner

HR Tech Partner is not tied to any specific systems or suppliers, and therefore we can act as an unbiased partner when we have to find the best solution or system for your needs, among the market's suppliers.

Digital mindset

Digital mindset

HR Tech Partner works with a digital mindset, with a mission to minimize the manual work processes that exist in HR. This includes standardizing and simplifying HR administrative processes, with a focus on efficiency and automation.



HR Tech Partner has plenty of experience with project management within Payroll, HR, and IT. 

Implement HR systems, recruitment system, payroll systems and the like.


Your expert

Your expert

Where are you in your digital transformation? Do you need help defining the digital maturity of the HR department, maybe clarifying a plan towards your digital goals, or just need some advice and guidance in planning and executing, then HR Tech Partner is your expert.

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HR Tech Partner

Do you need a partner, project manager, or extra resource for your upcoming or ongoing HR, HRIS, or payroll project? HR Tech Partner has specialized knowledge in HR, IT, payroll, and technology.

We can also advise, guide, and/or project manage the digital transformation in your HR department.

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Lacking knowledge and/or resources for your new HRIS project?

HR Tech Partner has experience in leading various HR, HRIS and payroll projects:

  • HR System

  • Digital transformation​

  • Recruitmentsystem

  • LMS system

  • Streamlining and digitizing HR and payroll administrative processes​​

  • Outsourcing of payroll

  • ChatGPT & AI in HR
  • RPA in HR
  • Migration and harmonization of processes/policies

  • Due Diligence - digital transformation

And much more..

HR Tech Partner is your expert in HRIS and digital projects.

If you're facing a new HR, HRIS, or payroll related project, HR Tech Partner can be your expert to ensure that you have the necessary resources, knowledge and expertise to successfully complete your project.



Are you missing a resource for your upcoming or ongoing payroll or HRIS project? HR Tech Partner can help.

HR Tech Partner can assist with implementing various HR and payroll systems, data extraction, data reporting, mapping and blueprints of processes, performing daily HR operational tasks and much more - depending on your needs.

Schedule a non-binding meeting so we can discuss your needs.

Consultancy services

We have experience taking part  in various project groups. This includes projects and administrative tasks related to the implementation of HR systems, recruitment systems, payroll systems, and digitization of HR and payroll administrative processes. If you need a resource in your project group or HR department, we can definitely help.

Feel free to contact us and let's have a non-committal conversation

Project Management

Do you lack resources or maybe knowledge and experience to run your upcoming or ongoing Payroll or HRIS project?

Maybe you're about to select and implement a new HR system or outsource your payroll?

HR Tech Partner has experience with the entire project phase and can help throughout the process or just parts of it.

Book a non-binding meeting so we can discuss your needs.

Project Management

We have experience in project managing the selection and implementation of HR systems, Recruitment systems, Payroll systems, and digitization of HR and Payroll administrative processes.

We can help manage the entire project or just part of the project.

Feel free to contact us and let's have a non-committal conversation.

Advice / Facilitation

Maybe you're lacking the resources or knowledge to get started on your upcoming project?

Or maybe you simply need advice and knowledge about the upcoming digital transformation in your HR department - how to approach the project and change, where to start and where to finish?

Most importantly, are you ready for digitization - if not, how do you become ready?

Book a non-binding meeting so we can discuss your needs.

Advice / Facilitation

We have several years of experience advising on the entire project phase or just parts of the project phase.

We are also available to facilitate business case analyses, define the project scope, stakeholder and risk analyses, conduct due diligence on your readiness for digital transformation, and much more.

Feel free to contact us and let's have a non-binding dialogue.

New Payroll or HR system? Let HR Tech Partner help you!

HR Tech Partner can help with all or part of the project phases, for example:

  • Establishing a business case,
  • Mapping the project's scope
  • Breaking down the project phases,
  • Mapping needs and requirements specification.
  • Formation of project group(s) etc.
  • Contact and dialogue with potential suppliers
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Act as a sparring partner, advisor and/or project manager
  • Prepare blueprints, SOP's, and/or user cases
  • Project management selection and/or implementation
  • Facilitate, advise and/or lead change management
  • Advice in the contract phase

And much more...

Feel free to contact us for a non-committal meeting and let us hear more about your needs and let us together find out if HR Tech Partner can help.